Welcome to Heartlandfoodie!

About me:

My name is Nicole.  I’m a full-time research RN in neurosurgery, new wife and mom to two insane dogs.  I live in Iowa City, Iowa, which is an amazing place for those who love great food!  I have always loved to cook since I was very young.  I started experimenting in the kitchen and cooking dinner for my parents and brother by myself while I was still in elementary school, and was baking batches of cookies from scratch by middle school.   Way back then, I scoured cookbooks and magazines for recipe ideas, meal planning and shopping tips and I’m still doing the same today!  In addition to cooking, I enjoy running, hiking, reading, and trying to learn photography.

About heartlandfoodie:

I love to cook simple, healthy food for myself and my new husband.  I put heartlandfoodie together because friends and family were always asking for my recipes, so I thought I might as well share them with everyone who might be interested.  Many recipes are my own, some are recipes I found on Pinterest or other blogs/recipe books and really liked.  In talking to friends, family, and co-workers, I’ve realized that what people need most are ideas for fast, healthy dinners they can make after work, so that is what I’ve chosen as the focus for my site.  The majority of my recipes will be things that are quick and easy but nutritious and balanced and also delicious- I will share some desserts though, too 🙂  Thank you for stopping by.  I hope you find something you enjoy here!