Slow Cooker Korean Barbecue Tacos



This is quite possibly the easiest dinner recipe I will ever feature, because a meal cannot possibly be less work to make than this.  I spent like 3 minutes total preparing these tacos.  No joke!

For those readers who are lucky enough to have been to the amazing Tacopocalypse– an Asian fusion Mexican restaurant in Des Moines, the idea of Korean barbecue tacos is not foreign to you.  I had never tasted Korean barbecue (also known as bulgogi) before eating there, but it was love at first bite.  For those of you who haven’t tried it, the sauce reminds me of the sauce on Chinese sesame chicken, but the meat is not deep-fat fried so I don’t feel like I’m going to have a heart attack after I eat it.  Unfortunately, Tacopocalypse is two hours away from Iowa City, where we live, and also not the healthiest place to eat, so I knew I needed to find a more healthful way to get my Korean barbecue taco fix at home.

I found this delicious-looking recipe at  My version of the recipe is similar, but with some time-saving alterations.  I used the same Campbell’s Sweet Korean BBQ Slow Cooker sauce that she did, but I have also used Target’s Archer Farms brand sauce in the past and liked it just as well.  Also note that you can use pork or beef roast, or even chicken if you want.  I actually used beef stew meat and it tasted amazing.  There’s really no wrong way to do this!

I topped my tacos with fresh fruit salsa and broccoli slaw.  The original recipe has you prepare your own fresh fruit salsa from pineapple.  That seemed too time-consuming and some people don’t like pineapple.  I agree that fresh fruit salsa would taste better than a jarred salsa.  Luckily, Costco actually sells a fresh mango salsa, so this is what I used.  If you’d rather make your own, use the original recipe in the link above.  I also use Green Giant’s broccoli slaw rather than the shredded cabbage the original recipe calls for because I find shredded cabbage can get a little soggy in these tacos, and because I’ve always heard that darker colored produce is more nutritious than lighter colors- broccoli is darker green than cabbage, so broccoli wins!

For side dishes to go with this, I made a bag of Asian coleslaw and brown rice with soy sauce and Sriracha.  Simple chips and salsa would also taste great too.

Korean Barbecue Tacos

  • 2 lb pork roast, beef roast, stew meat or chicken
  • 13-16 oz Korean BBQ sauce (1 packet or jar)
  • 6 inch corn tortillas
  • broccoli slaw
  • Fruit salsa- fresh if you can find it

Place meat and sauce in slow cooker and cook on low for 8-10 hours or until meat is cooked through and can be easily shredded.  Shred meat in crock pot and mix with sauce.  To assemble tacos, spoon meat and sauce into tortillas, and top with broccoli slaw and fruit salsa.

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